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You’re currently on the Avengers Gen fanfic rec page! That means there are no pairings (or they’re only implied or you need to squint). It’s mostly domestic fic with team bonding, although there is a lot of science bros fic. The ratings go from G - 14A for major violence.

* = like it a lot
*** = one of my favorites
********** etc = holy shit why are you wasting time reading my summary go read it yourself

Avengers (comics)

off the record (off the map) by riko*
An unexpected delay lets Tony discover some things he probably shouldn’t have forgotten. Could possibly be Tony/Pepper? PG-13.

Untitled by wantstobelieve
Status: Complete
Thor tells Loki he loves him far too late to change anything. Angst, character death, 14A. 

Untitled by katsu
AU for the end of Thor. Instead of letting go, Thor pulls Loki onto the Bifrost. This doesn’t make things better. Angsty crazy Loki, PG-13. 

Mama I’m Strange by katsu
Status: Complete
No matter how hard he tries, Loki is always treated as the coward. PG-13. 

Cursed! [Or, that one fic where Loki is a Disney Princess] by somanyopentabs
Status: Complete
Dr Strange curses Loki to be followed around by adorable woodland creatures and serenaded. A lot. Loki would very dearly like it to end. Immediately. (The kittens can stay). Crack, PG.

Mummy Went to Heaven by LookingForHell
Status: Complete
Aaron thinks the Avengers are the best thing ever, and because they’re the good guys they can help him find his mom, right? Only he doesn’t end up asking them about it, but the person they’re fighting. Character death, child abuse, pseudo-siblings,  angst, Loki being a parent, PG-13.

That You Have But Slumbered Here by MonstrousRegiment
Status: Complete
AU. When Loki falls, he wakes on the battlefield with no prior memories, but friends who tell him what he’s forgotten. All is going well until Thor arrives, and Loki remembers all the self-loathing he’d lived without. Angst, 14A. 

a taste of lightning by tigriswolf***
Status: Series, in progress
AU crossover with Highlander (series). Methos finds Loki after the fall, and adopts him. PG-13.

Breathe by fluffy_subtext
Status: Complete
The video of Tony being tortured in Afghanistan is leaked to the press. Tony waves it off, but the others take a stand for him. PG-13.

The Several Heirs of Loki Odinson, Prince of the Realm of Asgard by theorytale
Status: Complete
Loki likes to play pranks, and one of them involves naming crazy beasts as his children. Odin is the only one not fooled, but still allows the game. 14A. 

Doomsday by ladydeathfaerie
Status: Complete
Pre-movie, Clint, Coulson and Natasha go on an undercover mission together. Things don’t go nearly as smooth as they should, but at least Fury only has to reimburse Natasha for her shoes. PG-13.

Moving In by outerealm
Status: Complete
It takes him a while, but Tony finally realizes he’s got a family. PG. 

Contingency by Kayim*
Status: Complete
Bruce, now that he’s comfortable with the others, wants to make sure they can take him down if the need ever arises. Tony lets him in on the plans. More Tony and Bruce BFFing, PG-13. 

Amateur Theatrics by galaxysoup******
Status: Complete
Loki has a magical artifact, which Thor destroys to the detriment of pretty much everyone, including Loki. Clint ends up dealing with the aftermath. I actually can’t express all the love I have for this fic. PG-13.

Balm for the Soul by icarus_chained
Status: Complete
Tony, for all that he’s a genius, can’t make toast, and Bruce sometimes needs to be reminded of that. G. 

A Hair From Breaking by icarus_chained*
Status: Complete
Tony doesn’t let people touch him, but lets Bruce right from the start. Bruce just hopes he doesn’t regret it. Bruce and Tony BFFing, PG-13.

Deus Ex by icarus_chained*
Status: Series, complete
Tony, Bruce and JARVIS work at defining a person. Tony demonstrates it is possible to rein in his ego, but only for the right reasons, and Bruce agrees to become JARVIS’ hands. Jarvis wonders if Bruce can learn to run before he walks. Science bros, overprotective AI, PG-13. 

Covered by icarus_chained
Status: Complete
Tony and Fury end up in an awkward position. And are stuck there for several hours. G. 

Haven in a Heartless World by plingo_kat
Status: Complete
The Avengers Initiative shouldn’t work. G. 

The Undercover Boogie by amcw177
Status: Complete
Coulson recognizes the threat Loki poses, and instead of locking him up, secretly recruits him as SHIELD’s most covert operative. Fury is less than pleased with the reports lacking a name. PG-13. 

Unreasonable Attachment by amcw177
Status: Complete
Sort of sequel to The Undercover Boogie. Thor is turned into a puppy by magical means, and Coulson has no choice but to have Loki out himself as the covert operative to fix it. Fury is livid, and Loki doesn’t like having his shoes eaten. PG-13. 

52 Flavors of Snow by Graceling
Status: In progress
The Winter Soldier stops a beating in an alley, and gets Serrure as a companion. Doesn’t really follow canon so could fit it anywhere, PG-13.

The Time He Was  Found Worthy by bonsaiScribbler*
Status: Complete, inspired by art
The time Loki wields Mjolnir, and why it doesn’t matter. PG-13. 

Debris of the Past by Nokomis
Status: Complete
Steve’s having trouble adjusting to modern technology, so SHIELD sends him to Tony for help. Howard pretty much dominates this and he isn’t even there. PG. 

Wit Barton and Tony Snark Can’t Stop by Red_Tigress
Status: Complete
Clint and Tony can’t keep their smartass comments to themselves even when they’re fighting a possessed Thor (who they thought was immune, thanks). PG-13. 

A Week in the Life of Highly Respected SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson by boombangbing
Status: Complete
A week where Phil has to deal with Stark, Captain America, the kidnapping of Captain America, and all of Stark’s people conspiring against him. PG.

Walking in Shadows by Xparrot*
Status: Complete
Thor vanishes while exploring with Sif, the Warriors Three and Loki; his disappearance was unusual enough that Loki convinces the others to help him find him. Comics compliant, where Loki’s been de-aged to a child. Implied Sif/Thor, PG-13.

When they finally come to destroy the earth (they’ll have to go through you first) by AlchemyAlice****
Status: Complete
Marvel/DC crossover mashup thing, where Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark went to boarding school together, then watched each other’s rise and fall. Background Steve/Tony, 14A.

Inside Jokes by remi
Status: Complete
They defuse a fight with Loki by reminding him of a prank he and Thor pulled when they were younger. Norse mythology abounds! (meaning that yes, Thor did wear a dress that one time on Loki’s advice) PG. 

And Begin Again Tomorrow by BlackEyedGirl
Status: Complete
The others accidentally trigger some of Tony’s trust issues, but he’s not the one they need to worry about. Rhodey, JARVIS and Pepper are. 14A for PTSD.

Chaperones by lazarus
Status: Complete
It’s Peter’s first prom, so naturally Steve and Tony have to drop him off. Peter wishes the ground would swallow him whole. PG.

On The Road by georgiathekiwi
Status: Complete
The Avengers have to go on a road trip for some reason. Coulson is not pleased with his passengers. PG.

Life After You by ashinan
Status: Complete
Steve didn’t expect for Tony to have met Peggy, or that she would have told him bedtime stories. PG-13. 

Family Ties by skiesovergideon***
Status: Complete
After Loki falls from the Bifrost, he finds himself adopted by an average Midgardian family. Things necessary to a life on Midgard appear without his creation (such as a passport and birth certificate), leading him to be suspicious. His new siblings don’t mind helping him solve the mystery, even if all the adults in town are suspiciously oblivious. The Avengers don’t even help much. Redemption fic, family is made, 14A. 

Our Bodies Get Bigger (But Our Hearts Get Torn Up) by hipsterchrist
Status: Complete
Tony grew up hearing stories about Steve Rogers, from his dad and Peggy. Now, it’s his turn to share stories. G. 

Posthuman by gabby_silang
Status: Complete
People don’t take him seriously when he says he wants to change the world. PG. 

Brothers in Asgard by Coneycat
Status: Series, in progress
Series looking at how things may have played out had Odin not been such a crappy parental figure. To quote the author “not Odin’s failed parenting, more like his solid B+ skills”. There is Loki/Sigyn but it’s more Gen than anything. PG-13 to 14A. 

Old, Unhappy, Far-off Things by historymiss
Status: Complete
Peggy attends the funeral of Howard and Maria Stark, and meets a ghost. PG. 

Carmine by babel
Status: Complete
Peggy Carter visits Howard Stark on the same day every year. Tony asks her to keep visiting even after Howard’s death. PG-13. 

Farbautison by jalendavi_lady***
Status: Series, in progress
Loki’s heritage is revealed and dealt with differently, leading to different issues and problems for Loki to face during Thor’s banishment. PG-13. 

Darkness, Flooded in Light by galaxysoup*********
Status: Complete
When Loki falls, he falls into a sleepy little town that immediately adopts him. There, he deals with what he is and what Odin did to him, besides lying about his birth. TW for death of children, 14A for graphic nightmares and violence. 

Without the Usual Cost of Labor by vain_glorious*
Status: Complete
Steve and Natasha’s genes were stolen to create a child. The entire team ends up looking after her, except Tony. PG-13. 

Winter is Coming (Just Not to Malibu) by neviditelny
Status: Complete
Silly silly fic about Tony becoming obsessed with ASOIAF and the Game of Thrones tv series. PG-13. 

a few ghosts of timorous heart by dance_at_bougival
Status: Complete
Loki is mourned quietly by some, and obviously by others. PG-13.