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Avengers fic: Other ships

You’re currently on the Avengers Other fanfic rec page! That means there are pairs that I don’t like enough to have a whole page for, or they’re rare. There will be Darcy/Loki, Thor/Jane, Pepper/Tony, and pretty much any and all other Avengers related couples. Ratings go from G-NC-17.

* = like it a lot
*** = one of my favorites
********** etc = holy shit why are you wasting time reading my summary go read it yourself

The Kindness of Strangers by The_Lionheart****
Status: In progress
Lucas wakes up in the hospital after, he’s told, a horrific accident he’s lucky to’ve survived. Doctor Strange and Mr. Murdock are really helpful about helping him get back on his feet, and through them he meets Pete who becomes his best friend in the world. But weird things start happening, like his apartment getting broken into by the Doc’s weirdo friends, and supervillains recognizing him…Peter/MJ, Dr Strange/Clea, Lucas/OFC, 14A for violence, amnesia and angst. 

Bunny Slippers (For Lack of a Better Title)The CalculatorJudasThe Law of Unintended Consequences by katsu***
Series, where Loki’s actually a good guy pretending to be a villain so that he doesn’t get bored. In The Calculator people start to get suspicious, but Loki retreats before any conclusive evidence is found contesting his villain status. Sort of hinting/leading into Loki/Hawkeye which is…interesting. 14A. 

Avengers Assemble by gateship
Series focusing on the domestic habits of the Avengers and various other superhero teams. All canon couples (Tony/Pepper, Jean/Scott, Hank/Jan, Storm/T’Challa etc) PG. 

Bloodflow by tyrotheterrible
AU. When Loki fell from the Bifrost he fell into the past. He’s been kept as a government experiment called Subject Zero for decades, experimented on and tortured. When Thor joins the Avengers, Fury is surprised to find his DNA a match to Subject Zero’s…14A.

by the light we see by somehowunbroken
Status: Complete
Something’s wrong with Tony, and Steve figures out it’s the suit’s fault. Creepy subconscious influencing armor (think Extremis), PG-13. 

All the Feels One Shots by Red_Tigress
Status: Series, in progress
Series of oneshots exploring their opinions of each other and relationships. PG-13. 

Folkin’ Around verse by DemonQueen666*
Status: In Progress
Loki and Darcy become friends under unfortunate circumstances, and it’s her he turns to for all  most of his emotional turmoil, including Thor forcibly dragging him home. Also the Harry Potter novels, which just confuses Steve. Thor/Jane, future Loki/Darcy, onesided Clint/Darcy, 14A.

Few So Generous by galaxysoup*
Status: Complete
AU. Frigga takes the throne when Odin is asleep, and gives Loki other things to focus on. Thor/Jane, PG-13.

Tony And Bruce series by icarus_chained*
Status: In progress, series
Tony and Bruce are extremely protective of each other, because they GET the other’s issues. Also Tony takes advantage of being rich. Pepper/Tony, Bruce/Betty, PG-13. 

Something Red, White and Blue by Traincat
Status: Complete
Five weddings Captain America attended, and one he may have crashed. Dum Dum Dugan/OFC, Clint/Natasha, Loki/OFC, Pepper/Happy, Tony/Maria Hill, Doom/Wanda, PG-13.

For the Love of Family by unorigelnal*
Status: In progress
Loki’s children are unusual, and have to endure the scorn of all of Asgard. As they grow, Odin begins to send them away. Loki/others, PG-13. 

Starring Role by lamanguejoyeuse
Status: In progress
The Avengers need good PR, so Fury decides Cap and Coulson should date. Tony is not jealous AT ALL thankyouverymuch. Steve/Coulson, PG-13. 

Baby steps by Silverlynxcat
Status: In progress
Loki falls to Midgard, and is seriously injured. SHIELD finds him and takes him in, helping him to recover. Disabled character, physical therapy, angst, future Loki/Thor, 14A. 

Steve Lokison by godofpancakes (Vera_DragonMuse)
Status: Series, complete
AU where Steve is Thor and Loki’s son, and the Serum unlocked his Asgardian genes. Thor/Loki, Steve/Tony. 14A for what Loki does to Tony.
*In the ‘Other ships’ section because it’s a very strange but adorable AU.

The Second Chance or Babies Fix Everything by RunRabbitRun
Status: Complete
Loki is de-aged to a baby, with no way to reverse it. Thor and Jane end up playing parents. Thor/Jane, G. 

The History of Music by NezumiPi
Status: Complete
To get Steve up to speed on all the modernity, they bring in Tony Stark. Possibly that wasn’t Fury’s smartest move. Unrequited Steve/Howard, past Tony/Pepper, 14A. 

through stars we will navigate by lanyon*
Status: Complete 
Phil Coulson is Peggy Carter’s only son. There are many people trying to keep Cap from finding out. Phil/Clint, PG-13. 

Avengers movie related

Not defeated by Milli
Status: Series, in progress
The Chitauri are not pleased with Loki’s failure, and liberate him from Asgard to answer for it. Loki is then tortured and broken, and only escapes in order to have vengeance. At least, that’s what he tell the Avengers, and himself. Non-con, torture, starvation, humiliation, Loki just gets horribly battered here. Others/Loki, Thor/Jane, Clint/Natasha, Tony/Loki, NC-17.

Science Bros Texting by baconnegg
Status: Series, complete(?)
Tony and Bruce have unlimited texting, and take advantage of it a lot. Steve/Tony, Bruce/Clint, PG-13. 

Talk to Me by laceymcbain
Status: Complete
Coulson starts out as an urban legend among the SHIELD agents. Then Clint just wants to meet the man who can make him talk, even if he doesn’t want to. Phil/Clint, NC-17. 

Villain ‘Verse by goodboots
Status: Series, in progress
Darcy ends up Loki’s personal therapist, and ends up accidentally reforming him. Also her cartwheels are legendary. Clint/Darcy, Loki/Sif, Jane/Thor, PG-13. 

It’s Going to Be Okay by kadollan
Status: Complete
Clint had never bothered to wonder what Jane and Pepper did while the team were on missions. Jane/Thor, Pepper/Tony, Clint/Natasha, PG-13. 

By Any Other Name by Liannabob***
Status: In progress
Crossover post-Avengers with Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. Amora, looking to get revenge on Loki, shows up to cause trouble and switches Hansel and Clint’s minds for fun. Clint/Phil, Natasha/Hansel, NC-17. Warning for Amora’s creepy thought process. 

Off the Record by goddamnhella*
Status: Complete
Post - Avengers movie. Loki inadvertently becomes an ally, and he and Tony become rather intimate, if you ignore all the stabbing and sneakiness. (PS. I don’t really ship FrostIron but I really really enjoyed this!) Tony/Loki, NC-17 for some severed head action.